I want an absolutely relaxing holiday in Goa. Where can I go?

Travel to Divar Island, the vacation destination!

This beauty sits on the river Mandovi, accessible only by a ferry. This enchanted land in Goa is 8 kms in length and away from the hustle bustle of every-day life.

Take a break in Divar Island and experience living like a true Goan.

Could you tell me a fun fact about Divar Island? 

The picturesque village of Piedade is the largest village of Divar Island. It also houses the exquisite Moradia Dos Quadros villa and some beautiful temples.  Piedade village of Divar spreads at the bottom of a small wooded hillock located in the North Eastern quadrant of the island.

Are there any churches here that I could visit in Divar Island?

The church of Our Lady of Piety and the St. Mathias church are must visit spots here. The Portuguese architecture coupled with a strategic location upon a hilltop makes the Our Lady of Piety church a place not just of religious significance but that of unparalleled beauty.

If I’m a fan of holy Indian architecture or just a devotee of Hinduism, where can I go?

Shri Ganesh Sateri at Sateri Bhat is the most prominent of the three temples present on the island having beautiful designs patterns and art worth looking at.

What happens when the hunger strikes in and I wanna break free, get drunk, and wasted?

You can drink and compliment it with the authentic Goan cuisine at Rock Inn Bar and Restaurant or just carry a bottle with you and enjoy it under the sun.

AHHH-CHOOO! I feel unwell… where do I go?

Divar has been known to be safe from zombies and the mad cow disease, but in the eventuality that you do feel the sudden urge of devouring a brain… hospitals and medical centers are available on the mainland not more than 15 minutes away from Moradia dos Quadros.

I want to spend my vacation during the monsoons. Is there anything special happening around this time?

If you’re the festive kind and enjoy the music party and celebrations the last week of the month of august is the idea time to visit Divar Island. The famous festival of Bonderam is something you should put on your bucket list as an event to be experienced. Other festivals like Potekar and a few absurd traditions are also festivals you shouldn’t miss. Divar maintains its reputation as a quiet peaceful island throughout the remainder of the year.

“Urrak”; what is it, and where can I find it?

Urrak a.k.a. the Indian tequila is made of cashew extract and is something all spirit lovers should taste. Rock Inn Bar and Restaurant is the most popular hub for to have this drink on Divar Island.

Is Neves Quadros the owner of Moradia Dos Quadros?

Yes, Neves Quadros is the proud owner of this magnificent estate. He has personally overseen the construction of his estate for over four years. As a result,  he ensures the highest comfort and safety for its guests. His son, Nigel Quadros based in the Middle East handles the overall marketing and promotions of Moradia dos Quadros. 

What can you offer me?

We have guests coming from various parts of the world. Thus,  breakfast will be served according to your needs. Indian and continental, we got it all covered.

How secure is Moradia Dos Quadros?

Your safety is our priority. The villa is being constantly monitored by the top of the line CCTV surveillance system. We also provide VIP protection which can be available on request.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Moradia dos Quadros?

We have a 24×7 check-in time. You can check out 24 hours later. Extra time will demand extra charges.

Are you afraid of leaving your pet home while you are on a vacation?

We love animals! Get your pet along to the villa. Except a tiger or a lion, as we love our management and would want to have them here for longer.

How would we react if your stay was not up to the mark?

We would make it our mission to take your feedback and turn it into a positive response by taking necessary actions.

What If need the villa for a special occasion or I have a special request?

Hit us up for a custom quotation and tell us your requirements. Or get in touch so we can do the needful and make your stay more comfortable. We at Moradia dos Quadros are always willing to enrich the experience of your stay.

How many people can I bring with me?

Occupancy depends on the size and purpose of the room, varying from one-three. Extra charges will be applicable to an unaccounted guest.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to our Booking and Cancellation Page regarding this. 

Where do I need to put down a deposit to reserve the villa?

Reservations can be made on our website with  25% / 50%  / 100% advance payment options.

Will I need to put down a security deposit on my villa rental?

We have faith that you are a  responsible guest, which erases the need of having a security deposit on the villa rental. However, in a case of damage to the property of any kind, adequate compensation shall be charged to the room.

Are there any additional hidden taxes that I won’t find on the website?

Everything on the Moradia dos Quadros website is transparent. All charges displayed on the website are inclusive of taxes and no worry of any additional costs should be taken by you. All additional costs will pertain to additional requests and demands make by you on our website.

When can I avail of a room?

Availability of the mansion can be checked on our constantly updated website and booking engines calendar. If in need of further assistance call us on +91 95524 34827 or email us.

I believe in digital demonetization, but is the site secure?

Moradia dos Quadros website is definitely secure. Our booking engine is protected by a 128-BIT encryption which ensures your credit/debit card details remain secure and confidential.