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Why is Moradia dos Quadros the Ideal Homestay for Tourists ?

Amidst the calmness of nature and verdant Green lies the estate of Moradia dos Quadros -located at Goddar Ward, Malar Village, Divar Island, Goa, India. The term “Moradia” in Portuguese means “a calm dwelling”,...

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Top 6 Fish of Goa that Drive Divar Islanders Crazy as Ever

When it comes to food, there are two categories of people; vegetarians and Non – Vegetarians. The Goan menu is a mixture of Portuguese and Indian dishes. Almost all people of the Goan community...

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Common Konkani Phrases for Tourists visiting Divar Island

Along with being the official language of the province, Konkani is additionally the mother-tongue of all Goans. This stunning language is wide spoken within the beach destination of province. One in every of the foremost sought-after destinations in India, it's flocked by Indian and international nationals, in crazy numbers.

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Area information about Divar Island

In order to make your stay at Divar Island seamless and well-planned you can have a look at the landmarks and locations  through the Divar Island Map around Moradia dos Quadros. Staying on one...

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Did you Know the Top 10 Things Every Diwadkar Relates To ?

Goa is popularly known for its beaches and nightlife but that’s not everything Goa is made up of. Amidst Goa’s exquisite beauty, there lies an exotic island in Goa that draws a large number...

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Top 10 Things You need to Know about Divar Island

Goa the land of golden beaches, known to be one of the hot spots for vacations in India comprises of many picturesque places. The River Mandovi flows through Goa drains into the Arabian sea...

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