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A Tribute to #MotiThePearlofDivarIsland

? Adieu to our Amigo Mr.Moti (Matias De Menezes), my neighbor and close friend since childhood. ?
He came 48 years ago exactly and today we kissed him goodbye for ever on his 48th birthday …..he came, he lit our lives with his (candle) light, and blew out like a candle in the wind, but his light has rekindled our hearts and sweet memories will remain etched in our hearts for eternity…..
❤️ “Moti” in Konkani, our Goan Language means ” PEARL” and Yes, a Jewel indeed he was. ❤️
As I personally told Moti a few times in the past couple of years and also as recent as about a month ago, that in my opinion, he is arguably the most liked person in the entire Divar Island.
Little did he know that the Almighty has called him. About 2 days ago, while I held his hand at his bedside at Goa Medical College and chatted with him, he was talkative and bubbly as usual and repeatedly said;
“Doctor has said that tomorrow most probably my sugar levels will drop and I will be discharged home from hospital. ”
❤️ An ardent supporter and well wisher of Moradia dos Quadros, our entire team is devastated by this loss. ❤️
? Our homestay and guests are in a 3 day mourning from 14 to 16th December 2017. All guests are requested from playing music and using any form of entertainment. They have gladly agreed. ?
? As a mark of respect for the departed soul , our entire team stood in silence for 2 minutes at 11:00 today (Friday) at our flagpost, followed by a prayer at our Altar in the garden. ?
Our gates are open for well wishers to come and pray.
Our prayers are with his bereaved family ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
We show with great respect and deep sorrow the last ever moments through words given by our beloved Pearl Late “Moti” (Mr.Mathias Menezes) during the launch of our Moradia dos Quadros this October.

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