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Top Things to Know about Arambol Beach in Goa

Arambol Beach is located in northern Goa near Mapusa and around 55 kilometers from Panaji. It is possible to approach the beach using local transport, utilising the popular bus and train services which regularly stop near the village of Arambol. However most visitors arrive via taxi or richshaw from Mapusa.

Arambol aka Harmal Beach is the perfect place to get away from it all, situated in an extremely secluded part of Goa, the beach has avoided the pressures of development from Western tourism, with the local population having successfully campaigned against the construction of any major hotels on the beach.

Consequently, Arambol is one of the most unspoiled beaches in the area, featuring 16 kilometers of palm trees, pristine sand and calm water it has long been a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

Arambol aka Harmal Beach is however, subject to a long standing misconception, contrary to popular belief it is not one single beach; rather it is split into two beaches, Arambol and then the more popular Harmal Beach, a concept which often confuses visitors.

Harmal Beach is generally viewed as the more picturesque of the two due to the amazing cliff formations which contain it, coupled with the fact that it offers an adventurous experience in that it is only accessible via foot.

Many tourists choose to explore the cliffs and headland found in the area in order to experience the spectacular views of the coast and beaches they provide.

However, visitors are not solely attracted to Arambol Beach for its beach alone. For example, in close proximity to the shoreline is a jungle valley, which houses a diverse selection of local wildlife and a now famous Banyan tree which has come to be the focus for many postcards of Goa.

The main attraction of Arambol beach is the relaxed, peaceful and tranquil environment . The villagers are friendly and the place is less crowded compared to other beaches.

One can roam around freely and undisturbed to experience the life and culture. There are miles long uninterrupted beaches with well-made track running around.

The second beach is even more secluded and little used. There are sulphur pits and freshwater lakes that you can use for swimming. There are shacks offering souvenirs and clothes.

At one end of Arambol runs the Tiracol River and beyond the river rises the Tiracol Fort, now an interesting little hotel.

There is plenty to do at Arambol Beach ; many visitors try paragliding and a range of other water sports, whilst dolphin watching trips are also in high demand and are provided by the local fishermen at very reasonable rates.

As with most secluded beaches in Goa, you will find a vast array of small market stalls offering everything from locally made jewelry to souvenirs and clothing. Such markets represent an ideal opportunity to purchase a range of items to remind you of your trip.

In addition to the market, the village of Arambol is located close to the beach and is also well worth a visit. It remains a traditional and thriving fishing village and has an extremely friendly local population who are always welcoming of visitors eager to explore their culture.

A number of shops dotted in close proximity of the beaches sell clothes, junk jewelry and handicrafts from all parts of Goa as well as from other states of India. Eating out can be really exciting at Arambol beach, with several good cafes along the main beach serving appetizing dishes from the cuisines of Italy, Goa and India.

In terms of food, Arambol Beach has grown over the years to now provide a variety of cuisines in response to the diverse range of nationalities visiting the area. As a result, visitors can now choose from traditional local dishes or a number of European offerings at many of the stalls and local restaurants dotted along the beach.

Whilst Arambol Beach North Goa might not be the most accessible of beaches in Goa due to it being excluded from the regular tourist trails, it is highly recommended, both due its unspoilt nature and its retention of a significant degree of local charm. Arambol Beach North Goa continues to offer a small pocket of paradise despite its increasing popularity among the tourists.

Reaching Arambol beach is quite convenient as you can take buses that frequently ply from Mapusa and Chopdem to Arambol. Mapusa is the nearest interstate bus station.

For local transport, you can hire taxis or bikes. Know more about the beaches of Goa on the site Goatrip.com that offers valuable inputs on the tourism in Goa.

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