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Top Things to Know about Vagator Beach in Goa

Vagator Beach is located in northern Goa, just a few kilometers from the ever popular Anjuna Beach and as with all beaches in Goa it is easily accessible via train or bus from the popular intermediary towns of Margao and Vasco.

Vagator Beach is one of the quietest in Goa, situated in a rural location and away from the main tourists hubs, it offers a retreat for undisturbed relaxation.

Interestingly, Vagator is not one single beach, rather it is split into two beaches by a small area of headland, leading to the creation of Big Vagator Beach and Orzan Beach (or Little Vagator Beach) with Big Vagator Beach being the most popular of the two. Both beaches are to a significant degree unique in their offering of an emerald green sea, as opposed to the crystal clear waters seen elsewhere.

Furthermore, both feature undulating red cliffs and fresh water springs; the only beaches in Goa to possesses such geology. Vagator Beach very much remains a locals beach, though this is by no means to say that the local population is unwelcoming of tourists, rather, the opposite is true and this lack of tourists adds to the attraction of the beach.

Activities on the beach are extremely limited so you may want to bear this in mind if you are looking for the water sports and go-karting offered at some of the more popular beaches in Goa. Rather, at Vagator Beach, the main activity is simply relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Vagator Beach - Moradia dos Quadros

This being said, many tourists take the opportunity over the course of the day to explore the cliffs surrounding the beach.

Furthermore, a significant number also choose to hire a bicycle or motorbike to discover the surrounding area and town of Vagator, where it is possible to observe the daily life of a traditional Indian town without the imposing tourist developments seen elsewhere.

Whilst there are minimal accommodation options directly by the sea front due to years of successful campaigning by the local population against such developments, a number of resorts and guesthouses are located around 700m inland.

These resorts vary greatly in quality all the way from the Leoney Resort which offers villas and suites with private swimming pools, to the more basic but comfortable Asterix Hostel. A word of caution here, however, is that in light of the limited accommodation, often hotels are fully booked well in advance, and therefore pre-booking is essential.

Vagator Beach is not only conveniently located with great transport links to popular tourist towns in Goa, it possesses unique geology and a wealth of natural beauty.

Vagator truly represents the perception of paradise that many travellers to Goa hold, and does not disappoint.

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