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Top Things to Know about Calangute Beach in Goa

Calangute Beach is situated in northern Goa and is on the periphery of the town of Calangute which is home to around 17,000 people, making it one of the largest beach populations in Goa.

As a result of this relatively large local population, Calangute is also one of the most accessible beaches in the whole of Goa, well served by bus and train lines from almost every major town in the area.

In light of this, many tourists choose to approach the beach via Vasco or Margao, with a single bus ticket costing around 50 rupees and taking on average 30 minutes.

Calangute Beach has made a name for itself as the “queen of all beaches” in Goa due to its sheer size, stretching all the way from Baga to Candolim and attracting the vast majority of tourists visiting Goa.

Whilst the beach might not possess the natural beauty on offer at other beaches such as Anjuna and Bogmalo, it makes up for it with its wealth of attractions of both water-based and cultural nature.

Calangute Beach is certainly the beach to visit if you are looking for excitement and entertainment beyond basking in the sun alone. There are vast numbers of water sports providers situated on the beach with prices being very favorable due to the level of competition present between companies.

Jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, diving and sailing are incredibly popular amongst visitors whilst there and also things to do for those looking for more of a cultural experience.

Russians at Calangute Beach in Goa - Moradia dos Quadros

For instance, set just back from the beach is the Church of Saint Alex, featuring a large dome, two intricately designed towers and a wealth of architectural delights which can be found inside.

As you would expect of a beach dominated by tourists, Calangute Beach offers a wide range of cuisines to suit every palate. A firm favorite amongst visitors is the Oriental restaurant, a small Thai kitchen style outlet which has become a hit amongst European tourists.

In addition, the Tibettan Kitchen, the Temptation Shack and Xavier’s Beach Café also offer reasonably priced food of exceptional quality.

When contemplating where to stay in Calangute Beach, you can’t help but notice the wide range of luxury resorts situated on the beachfront. If you have a high budget, then the Hotel Golden Nest, Hotel Villa Theresa or the Chalston Beach Resort are options well worth exploring, each offering high quality rooms with stunning views of the coast.

However, the aforementioned are often fully booked, so inquiries made well in advance are highly advisable. However, staying at a luxury resort is not the only accommodation option available to tourists in Calangute.

There are many guesthouses and lower cost hotels located just a kilometer or two away from the beach front, so visitors shouldn’t feel limited in choice to just the five star resorts located directly on the beach.

If you are seeking a beach which offers more than just a place to relax and sun bath, Calangute Beach certainly fits the criteria.

Due to its ever increasing tourist popularity it provides a wealth of attractions and entertainment and is only a few kilometers away from many of the smaller beaches in Goa.


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