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Top 6 Fish of Goa that Drive Divar Islanders Crazy as Ever

When it comes to food, there are two categories of people; vegetarians and Non – Vegetarians. The Goan menu is a mixture of Portuguese and Indian dishes. Almost all people of the Goan community love fish.

It is known to be that fish of Goa are loved by people from United Kingdom, Canada, U.S.A and some parts of Australia who often travel down to Goa for short and long vacations.

And quiet as it may be, Divar Island is an island filled with omnivores fish eaters.

The Goan culture and in this case – (their taste buds) passed down from centuries through genes and habits alike have ensured that like every other Goan, Divar Island treads not far from the mainlands eating habits.

Here’s a list of fish that is available, prepared and relished on the island.

Kingfish (Iswon)

Divarkars love to eat this fish as it is very tasty fish and is a common delicacy. The one fat fish bone makes it easier to cook and eat .

Preparation methods vary from frying with rawa, rechado masala, fish curry with garam masala, fish molio. This fish pan fired is enjoyed as a starter. This fish goes well with steamed rice and is an important dish at a Goan wedding.

Kingfish - Blog Mordia Dos Quadros

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Catfish (Sangot)

Catfish is prepared with a recipe called “Amot Tik”. It is an authentic Goan dish and is prepared in every Goan household. The words Amot tik means sour and spicy.

This catfish is perfect with Goan steamed rice. It is cooked with mild spices and only chunky fish pieces are used. Use of a little vinegar as an ingredient adds a special flavor to it.

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Crabs (Kulio)

Crabs are immensely loved by the people of Goa. They taste delicious when caught fresh. If you love eating crabs than you should try tasting Goan Crab Xec Xec, Crab Xacuti, Crab curry or crab masala fry.

The Goan Crab Xec Xec is prepared with coconut and spices like ginger garlic, cloves etc which add an aromatic flavor to it. The masala crab fry is served best with chilled beer and rice.

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Lady Fish (Muddoshi)

Lovely fish that is readily available in the Goan market. It is inexpensive to buy and is prepared as sol kadhi, fish fry and fish curry.

It is considered as a good diet fish as it is delicate and clean. Preparing this fish with red coconut curry, served with boiled rice is a lovely meal for most Divar Island families.

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Via: Rakshas Kitchen

Mullets (Shevtto)

This fish is mostly found in freshwater or fish ponds. Shevtto is declared to be the state fish of Goa. It is best cooked as “jeerem meerem fish curry” and “Masala Fry”.

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Pearl Spot Fish (Kalundar)

Pearl Spot Fish is prepared with red curry and rechado masala. It is found It fresh water. It is cooked as fish curry, fried and sol kadhi. Eat this tasty fish with care and patience as it has big fish bones.

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Via: Rakshas Kitchen

Mackrel (Bangdo)

This freshwater fish is the most commonly eaten fish in the state and the country. It is cheap, easily available and very tasty. Preparation varies from roasting, broiling, boiling, and frying. Each variation yields a more delicious result than the next.

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Via: Rakshas Kitchen

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