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Goa’s Most Unique Photography Competition (2017)

Located on the Mandovi river and void of any access by road ,this beautiful dreamy Island is filled with calmness, marshy waters and single- lane roads. Come visit the fish farms, the famous Church of Piety, try out the Urrak or the Feni or maybe have both , go fishing at sluice gate and taste the local Goan specialties.

Experience seasonal festivals like Bonderam and visit famous tourist hot-spots like the viceroys arch , the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary and various other not more than 20 minutes away from home…

Divar Island is known for being a different place and I was sitting out in the Moradia dos Quadros balcony when a wonderful idea struck me like lightning – all for the people across the world and my Diwadkars to participate in.

…..when you are relaxing on an armchair with a morning tea at the balcony, there are numerous beautiful thoughts that will engulf your mind.

I want people and travelers to know more about my Divar Island and my love for this haven in Goa so I formulated this competition for all walks of life based on “photography” so that you can upload your photo’s online and get them filtered in the hashtag feed for people to view the “beauty of Divar Island” on social media platforms such ass Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Another thought that comes to my mind is that there are so many talented photographers on Divar Island like John Lino and Rudraksh Govekar among many others and this is a wonderful chance for all photographers in Divar to take part for the love of our island.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of Goan’s who are abroad who travel down to Goa during this wonderful month of November who can also participate in “Goa’s Most Unique Photography Competition of 2017“.

We, Moradia dos Quadros are filled with joy to be the official sponsor of this competition by the event organizer “Divar Island“.

Have a look at the below basic guidelines of  “Goa’s Most Unique Photography Competition of 2017“. If you have any more doubts, do get in touch with me via email (info@moradiadosquadros.com) or call (+91 95525 34827)

Upload your Divar Island clicks and stand a chance to Win Rs.3,000-

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Terms and Conditions : 

  • They is no registration fee, registration form or any other related matter to take part. It’s free !
  • Photos uploaded that are not related to Divar Island will be directly disqualified.
  • Use of illegal social media likes, shares, comments, re-tweets and quotes is not permitted.
  • Winner of Rs.3,000/- will be handed over the Cheque/Bank Transfer/Cash within 3 days of declaring the results.
  • Result (Winning Name and Photo) will be declared on 30th November 2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • All photos uploaded to the hashtag feed (#moradiadosquadros and #divarisland) are subject to no copyright and Moradia dos Quadros has the right to re-publish and re-use for commercial and non-commercial purposes in future.

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