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Top Things to Know about Candolim Beach in Goa

Candolim Beach is situated in Northern Goa and can be accessed via a short 30 minute drive from Dabolim airport or by taking one of the many train and bus services operating from the popular town of Margao.

The somewhat isolated location of the beach lends itself to relaxation. Offering a long expanse of golden sand and being up to 20 meters wide, Candolim Beach is extremely spacious.

It also features a vast network of sand dunes which visitors can explore, a feature which has long proved a firm favorite amongst those travelling with children. Candolim Beach also enjoys a great degree of shelter meaning that the water is often calm and therefore provides ideal conditions for both swimming and snorkeling.

The beach gained notoriety amongst tourists as a result of the 2001 monsoon which much of India experienced. Candolim Beach was the site of a significant ship wreck for over 10 years, which lay just 100 meters from the shoreline. This brought many visitors to the area up until its removal in June 2012.

In addition to the variety of water sports on offer at Candolim Beach, numerous other activities are available, such as fishing excursions, where you can try your hand at catching many of the exotic species of fish which inhabit the waters just a few kilometers from the shore.

Land-based activities are also offered for those looking to remain on the beach, with meditation and yoga recently exploding in popularity, with numerous classes and private sessions available to book throughout the day.

A visit to the Aguada Fort is another popular excursion; built back in the early 1900’s the fort is still largely fully intact and is steeped in history, whilst Aguada jail is also nearby and makes for a great break from the unrelenting sun experienced at the beach. The area of flat land directly behind the beach also makes for an interesting walk if you find yourself short of activities with numerous palm trees and coconut groves to be found and explored.

If you intend to stay into the late evening or overnight, it is highly recommended that you consider arranging a private sunset tour, offered by the local fishermen. This involves travelling far out to sea to watch the sunset from a small and traditional fishing boat. Most visitors regard this as an enjoyable experience as well as an excellent photo opportunity.

Candolim Beach has only recently gained popularity amongst tourists, and it’s popularity is predicted to continue increasing. In response to this predicted future demand, many luxury resorts are being constructed along the beachfront.

Currently, prices are fairly reasonable and should be within the budget of the average traveler. However, they do look set to rise in the future. As with most beaches in Goa, there are a wealth of locally owned and managed accommodation options on offer, including hotels and guesthouses. As such, whatever your budget, you will always be able to find somewhere suitable to stay.

Candolim Beach has become a firm favorite among many visitors to Goa. The beach is secluded and offers natural beauty in abundance. It also strikes a good balance between on and off beach activities, with many sites of cultural significance nearby. Candolim Beach is often regarded as one of Goa’s best kept secrets.

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