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Did you Know the Top 10 Things Every Diwadkar Relates To ?

Goa is popularly known for its beaches and nightlife but that’s not everything Goa is made up of. Amidst Goa’s exquisite beauty, there lies an exotic island in Goa that draws a large number of domestic and international tourist each year. This exotic island is called Divar – The Island Of Awesomeness.

The island is itself, alluring in nature to those who wish to reset their minds. But, in this blog, I am not here to talk about the island but those who live on it.

Welcome to the know your “Diwadkar” section of the page.

Where the people from Divar will say “ahh this is so me”.

Fishing Expertise

Is today a good day to go fishing?

Being surrounded by water on all sides would naturally trigger the fishing expertise in the people of Divar. They know if the water is too high or low, too cold or too warm if it’s windy or even if the good catch has gone away. Almost every Diwadkar knows how to fish.

And they are pretty good at it too.

Between the prawn farms and the ever bountiful river banks, they have a fresh supply of fish meeting this everyday demand. Whether for retail or personal consumption, they know their way around the fish in the sea.

Unity amidst Celebration

The festival of Bonderam and Potekar, where almost all streets of the island are decorated, sees the entire island coming together as one.

Although, according to some, this has become more of a tourist attraction as the original celebrations have been replaced with modernized versions of a carnival, the unity among the crowd irrespective of religion, caste or color is really something to be witnessed.

The Deafening Silence

Anyone and everyone living on the island has been known to have a cool and calm perspective of life. This may partially be due to the absence of noise on the island. The daily buzz dies off by noon-time and there are an incredible peace and quiet.

A holiday to get away from life is a highly recommended experience. The greenery, pollution free air, and the silence are bound to give you the mental healing that everyone at Divar has assumed to be a birthright.

A positive Attitude  

The people of Divar are a jolly good folk. They follow a simple set of principles and virtues that set them apart from the remaining crowd of Goa. They display their humility in the best possible manner. The humility comes with the discipline that is passed on from generation to generation.

They love get-togethers and enjoy spending time with their family. They are proud of where they come from and are true to the individuality of the island.  

“Susegadponn”- The Relaxed lifestyle

Where normally in the rest of the world shops may shut down at midnight, the people in Goa decide to stop-shop by 9:00 pm. The epitome of the laid-back Goan life exists in Divar, shutting down a majority of its retail market before sundown, the people here have embraced the idea of a short lived satisfactory feeling.

Interaction with the neighboring shop owners and with the locals of the village every morning to keep their social life ahead of everything else is an inbuilt feature of every Diwadkar.


With great social skills comes great hospitality. The wonderful people at Divar and more so at Moradia Dos Quadros maintain hospitality as their number one priority.

Be it to the guest or even to the friendly neighbor that drops in for a social call, these people know how to treat a guest. Five-star treatment at any place you visit on the island is an assured benefit.

The Taste of Goa

Due to its location of the main land with no roads coming to and from the island, assuming that they do not share the taste of Goan cuisine would be a huge misconception.

Their food, no doubt has the original flavor and spice of the old ancestral Goa. Grinding their spices the old fashioned way, on stone grinders and using naturally grown ingredients versus the bottled variants ensures that their food is not only delicious but also keeps you healthy.

Kindness and Fellowship

While their hospitality extends to the guest on the island, their kindness and fellowship reach out to known faces even off the island.

Where even a small sign of recognition will grant you a smile and even a bit of help in times of need, the people from divar can be relied upon to have your back when it matters most.

The hard working Youth

A vast majority of the youth from Divar end up working outside the country. Their never ending need to provide for their families the best lifestyle they can afford keeps these people constantly working hard to earn their living.

Their experience with the world helps them in their endeavors to interact and cater to a multinational tourist crowd and hence ascertains their abilities to handle almost anything and everything.

The Urrak

As always, the best for last. The treasured drink of Goa.

Diwadkars are known for creating and supplying this “Heritage Spirit of Goa”. May it be a small celebration or a big one Urrak is always around the corner.  

An experienced Urrak taster in Diwadkar can spot the difference between a good Urrak and a bad one by the smells and taste buds at the tip of his tongue.

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