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Visit Worthy Springs You cannot Miss on your Next Vacation to Goa

A holiday in Goa gives you an opportunity to entertain yourself with a lot of activities. Options include a picnic at one of the beautiful beaches, an evening gambling away in classy casinos and the nightlife colonized clubs, go fishing, eat at fancy restaurants or even visit the various springs in Goa.

Here’s a list of a few of the visit-worthy springs, we have compiled so you may decide faster and holiday efficiently.

Kesarval Spring, Goa (Waterfall)

The beautiful Kesarval spring waterfalls are located 18km from Panjim. The water that flows in the spring is well known for its medicinal properties. Rejuvenate yourself and your mind with the natural mineral water.

A visit to the Kesarval Spring is a must. You can travel to this location via the roads of Cortalim. Tropical vegetation surrounds the waterfall adding to the beauty of the place. This spring looks terrific during the monsoon season with the water gushing out from mother earth.

The Keserval spring popular picnic spot for tourists and locals. So grab your family, friends and your loved ones and head down to this awesome waterfall.

Nageshi Temple Spring, Ponda 

“The spring within the temple”. The Nageshi Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is very famous for its structural design. It has glass chandeliers which hang from the roof of the temple. The area which surrounds the water is rectangular in shape. The water percolates upwards from within the laterite stones placed on the bed of the confinement.

The summers bring in people to bathe here. The beautiful front of the temple is visible from the bathing area located outside.

Udear Spring, Verna

A popular spring mostly visited by a majority of the youth of South Goa. The spring is also well known among other Indian tourists. This natural spring is surrounded by greenery. A small cashew plantation can be seen towards one of its ends. Udear spring is 6-7 mins away from the Holy Cross Church, Verna Goa.

The best time to visit the spring is during the monsoons. During the summer the water level in the spring is lower as compared to the monsoon season. Once you get into the water you will feel the fresh fluid gently gushing and flowing past your legs. Grab a bite if you’re feeling hungry as there is a nice restaurant just outside the spring. Get a natural pedicure from the tiny fish that are present in the water

Pomburpa Spring, Pomburpa

Pomburpa spring is located in Bardez taluka in the North Goa District. The spring is said to have crystal clear clean medical water. The tourists spend their day here with an aim to bathe relax and have a good time. You will fall in love with the spring because of it’s peaceful shack infested surroundings that provide food for everyone.

The gates to this spring are open from Mon – Sun 6 am – 6 pm. Entry fee?

None at all!! The maintenance and operation of the spring is the responsibility of the tourism department of Goa.

Popular festivals of the state like Sao Joao are also celebrated at the spring. A family friendly non-alcohol environment ensures maximum ‘dry’ fun for people of all ages. Drinking first and then visiting the place is however not “off-the-table”.

Boca De Vaca Spring, Boca De Vaca

The spring has an envy-worthy Portuguese attire. The spring has decorative lights which are turned on in the evening. The “Boca De Vaca” means “the face of the cow”. The spring is located near the Mahalaxmi Temple in Panjim. According to the locals, the existence of the spring is unknown till date.

There is a tunnel through which the spring flows. Clear water flowing by your feet with background music makes this spring something you should not miss viewing. The Boca De Vaca spring water is said to cure ailments of those suffering from diseases. People wait in queues to collect water from this spring.

The mystical medicinal properties of the water have been known to subconsciously draw the locals in and lure them into drinking the water.

Ambora Spring Loutolim

The Ambora spring in Loutolim and is present within the village and flows throughout the year. You can find this spring at a distance of 50kms from Panjim via Cortalim to Loutolim. If you are traveling from Margao it would be 8.5 kms via Margao-Ponda highway.

The water has been claimed to be blessed with medicinal properties. The people of the village believe that the spring water cures skin eruptions. Most tourists visit various spas to get a pedicure and they pay loads of money. The spring has small tiny fish who will eat away the dead skin from your feet. You will feel extremely calm once you get into the water. That’s all you need, to relax!

If you’re planning a vacation to Goa, wish for a relaxing holiday and a means to cool your head off. A visit to the at least one of the springs if not all, listed above is highly recommended by us.

You will not only feel like your body has been rejuvenated but will experience an activity that provides a drift from the everyday hustle & a total calmness within your body.

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