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Top 10 Things You need to Know about Divar Island

Goa the land of golden beaches, known to be one of the hot spots for vacations in India comprises of many picturesque places. The River Mandovi flows through Goa drains into the Arabian sea right next to Panjim.

The river is beautiful and is surrounded by a thick protective foliage of mangrove. At the mouth of the river, an island, a historically important part of Goa that floats …Divar Island.

Popularly known for its paddy fields, ancient temples, beautiful Portuguese houses and it’s winding roads.

Here’s a list of the top ten things you need to know about Divar Island.

Live amidst Nature

The low lying island of Divar Island is located approximately 10 km from Panjim, the capital city of Goa. Traveling to this serene island is possible only by ferry. There are three entry points that can be taken to reach the island. The south-west passage from Ribandar, Old Goa (Velha Goa) connecting the island to southeast & Narva to the south.

Hospitality, people & villages

The people of Divar Island are very hospitable and kind. They are the ideal impersonations of the “Susegad Goenkar”, the laid-back Goan life. Care for their land, culture and the environment is of second nature to these ‘Divarkars’.  

The heritage of Divar lies in the villages of Piedade (Goltim-Navelim), Malar and Nora. The village of Piedade (Narvelim) is the largest among the three. A hillock oversees the vast spread of the land of Piedade and a breathtaking view of the river Mandovi.

The Holy Church of Piedade

The village of Piedade holds one of Divar’s most magnificent structures, the Church Of Our Lady Of Compassion. This massive structure stands tall atop the hillock. This historic church dates back from the early 18th century and owes its architecture and nomenclature to the Portuguese. The word “Piedade” means compassion. Festivities at the church of Piedade are observed on the second Sunday of May annually.

The Festival of Bonderam

Divar Island is known for the festival of Bonderam. It is celebrated every year in August, during the monsoons.The Portuguese word “Bandeira” means “flag”, the Portuguese used flags as a way to settle the rivalry between two sectors in Divar.

The festival is celebrated with flags and entire island comes together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The festival kick starts with a flag parade from the main junction of Divar Island.

The parade is accompanied by a talented melodious band. The main highlight of the festival is the fancy dress competition followed by a float parade.

The six wards of the village are represented by artist showcasing their performance in this float parade, by showing off their beautiful costumes and dance performances. People from all over Goa , tourist and locals alike specially come to witness this popular festival.

Potekar Festival

Similar to Halloween in America, this festival is celebrated during Goa’s carnival season, three days prior to lent. The locals wear masks and costumes and venture around the village wearing cow bells around their necks. Participants receive snacks and drinks from the surrounding houses.

Temples of Divar Island

In the beginning, Divar Island was popularly known for Hindu Pilgrimages and it’s temples.These include Shree Saptakoteshwar (moved to Bicholim during the Portuguese era), Shree Ganesh and Shree Dwarkeshwa ,

These temples were plundered and pillaged by the Portuguese. The most famous among these the Shri Ganesh Sateri Temple at Sateri Bhat is known for its beautiful ancient architectural design. Take a visit to this temple to witness true Goan scenic beauty is a suggested tourist activity.


Made from the first extract of cashew Feni, this drink is considered as the federweisser of Goan cashews and found any time of the year in Divar Island. An excellent quality of this drink that gives you a delayed feeling of ecstasy is available at Damian Bar on the island.

Dine Out

The Mayur Bar and restaurant located within the drink wobble and walk radius of Moradia Dos Quadros is known to produce their own Urak and also serve delicious prawns on demand. Some other bars include Julio Bar, Rock Inn, Seaview located in Malar.  

The Fort of Ruins

Naroa fort is located at banks of the river Mandovi and was abandoned in 1834. It was initially built with a Hindu architectural style, later redesigned by Portuguese. Many tourist often come here as the Naroa fort provides a fantastic sightseeing spot in Divar Island. A church exists within the fort and has been preserved for a very long time.

Sleep in the lap of Luxury

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You can rest your backs on our extremely comfortable beds. We help you to put your mind to rest and giving you a homely feeling. You don’t need to be stressed about leaving your pets at home anymore, vacationing without them is a thing of the past.

Our smart Bed and Breakfast has a CCTV surveillance system securing you in every way possible.

When you think of a holiday, imagine something like ‘isle-esme’. Think of Divar Island! A place where you’d have the peace of mind that you deserve, where your troubles seem so far away and you will escape from reality to a land where so little and so much coexist.

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